Steak Ager Buyers Guide

Steak Ager Buyers Guide

Steak Locker has developed a unique steak ager. The world’s first and only patented Smart Dry-Age Fridge for enthusiasts of high-quality steaks, meat, charcuterie, cheese or fish.

Steak Lockers steak ager is simply the safest, most economical and professional-quality way to dry-age your steaks, selected charcuterie, cheese and even fish. What makes our steak ager the best is because it allows you to get the most tender and flavorful steaks regardless of their USDA classification. This means you can save money in the long term by no longer needing to  purchase only prime cuts of beef

There are a multitude of benefits that come with Steak Lockers dry age refrigerator range. The additional smart features are what makes Steak Lockers dry age fridge range different from every other steak range on the market.

Benefits of Steak Lockers Steak Ager Fridges

Our meat aging fridge range is unique as it has combined the best of Old World dry-aging techniques with sophisticated modern technology. We have summarized some of the key benefits below:

Saves 50-75% of your dry-age steak retail costs.

 This traditional-technological composite allows the consumer to control the process and shrewdly save at least 50%-75% on current retail dry- age steak prices.

Steak Locker is the only smart steak ager dry age fridge.

The smart features allow you to monitor the dry age fridges temperature and humidity and via your smartphone. No more spoiled or wasted product.

Steak Locker developed a smartphone app for both IOS and Android* devices to connect to your steak ager.

 The primary application is your connection to the real-time digital sensor in your fridge that provides you with instant feedback on critical temperature and humidity operations. This feature will alert your smart-phone when preset values are exceeded, ensuring you won't lose your dry-aged product due to power failure or other emergencies. Your dry-aged steaks and charcuterie are investments in delectability. Our technology not only means you can make dry-age steaks easily, but also that will never experience loss or waste.

The smart app has additional features beyond your pivotal access to monitor your Steak Ager sensors.

It puts product information, handling instructions. tutorial videos, customer service numbers and nutritional and caloric information at your fingertips. All this to ensure you have the very best Steak Locker experience.

Enjoy beautiful stainless-steel design molded into an intelligent and restrained exterior aesthetic.

 Steak Locker's chrome has a discreet dark outer envelope and our use of chrome luxurious handlebars makes this Steak Locker both elegant and coordinates with your existing deluxe appliances.  Steak Locker is of modern stainless-steel design that incorporates the all-important fan- forced air technology, convenient digital humidity and temperature controls. Our modern design approach includes patented sensor guided digital control systems that ensure you will be notified should critical temperatures vary from the recommended settings. 

Steak Locker uses the latest robust cloud computing.

This is to ensure that your steaks have their first smart app, updated in real time with critical information from your dry-age fridge. You can connect with your cuts at any time no matter where you are.  

Steak Locker's Steak Ager interior is designed to protect your meat.

The chamber is lined with food grade embossed aluminum and cleverly uses germicidal lights to completely safeguard your dry-age product from contamination.

Your Steak Locker Steak Ager comes with a variety of add on's

These include a downloadable smart application, an uplink controller and mister, removable stainless-steel shelves, powerful 120W compressor, replaceable carbon fiber filter and US power standards. Steak Locker is fully UL Rated (Underwriter Laboratories).

Summary of Steak Locker's Steak Ager Dry Age Fridge

We hope that this article has provided you with a useful insight into Steak Lockers steak ager fridge range. If you want to find out more you can see the user manual for more details. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or visit our FAQ post on everything you need to know about how to age a steak in the fridge.