How to dry age steak in fridge | FAQs

Since we get some frequently asked questions regarding the process of ‘how to dry age steak in the fridge’ we thought it best to put them all in one place. This post aims to answer your FAQs as quickly as possible, but you can read more about each topic in our other blog articles.

How long do Steaks take to Dry Age?

The length of time to dry age a steak varies by cut, flavor preferences and patience. Large, bone-in, sub-primal cuts can age anywhere from 21 – 70 days or longer. Up to 21 days will add an increased tender outcome,  up to 45 days will bring out nuttier and umami flavors and 65 days or beyond will develop some funky flavors and aromas.

 A bone-in cut with a full fat cap offers less shrinkage and less waste. We do not recommend aging boneless cuts for longer than 35-45 days because the bones incorporate enzymes that build on flavor but it will not become any more tender.  Boneless cuts should be placed into dry age fridges with the fat side up. 

The two best ways to achieve your desired results are to one, dry age to your favorite length of time like 45 days, butcher the sub-primal cut into steaks then vacuum seal and place into the freezer for up to 6 months. Or, to cut a steak or two off at a time every few weeks to see how the flavor develops.  Just apply a coat of butter, bacon or beef fat to the cut side so it’s a bit protected from the aging process and to keep it tender.

You can read our full article on how long you can keep dry aged steak in the fridge that covers from 7 up to 120 days. 

What are the best Knives to Use when Butchering a final product?

For boneless cuts, a standard Chef’s Knife will provide best results when slicing the steaks using the long end to tip slicing motion.  Flexible Boning Knives or Meat Cleavers are helpful to get around the bones of a bone-in sub-primal cut.  We highly recommend the use of a well fitted Knife Glove that can withstand the sharp slice of a knife blade and other devices that might harm your hands or fingers. 

Can I use the Pellicle Trim?

Yes, you can use some of the softer bits and add it to ground beef for added flavor to burgers, meatloaf or meatballs. Just discard any really tough or dark pieces. The fat or beef renderings, called Tallow, can be placed into a sauce pan at medium low heat to create the liquid fat then placed into a sealed jar for use in place of bacon fat or oil in cooking everything from eggs to potatoes or veggies and fish.  It’s best to keep it tightly sealed to prevent it from oxidizing.

Should I use Himalayan Salt Blocks to Dry Age?

No, while the presentation of a wall of salt blocks is aesthetically pleasing in a large custom-built dry age room, it really doesn’t offer anything in flavor.  The pellicle trim is discarded or fat is rendered and it is impossible for that salt to penetrate into a large sub-primal cut.

Why are the fans in the Steak Locker necessary?

Variable speed forced fans used in the Steak Locker are better than a single-forced fan because the variable fans will increase or decrease the velocity of air flow so meat doesn’t become wind burned, which can cause the pellicle to become far too dense.

What is the purpose of the UV Light?

The UV or Germicidal Light in the dry age fridge keeps bacteria from replicating too quickly that in turn allows for the pellicle crust to form properly.  The pellicle is a coating of proteins created on a variety of meat and fish.  This light is not used for the purpose of bringing light into the Steak Locker and may be difficult to notice. Turn off the Blue LED light to see the glow of the UV Light. The Steak Locker dry age fridges have a switch in the door frame that turns the UV Light and fans off when the door is opened to protect your eyes.

Summary of how to dry age steak in fridge

So we hope this overview of all of our frequently asked questions regarding how to dry age steak in the fridge has helped. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us where we will be happy to help. Visit our blog to find our steak aging fridge buyers guide and more. 

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