About Us: We are Steak Locker

The Worlds First Smart Dry Aging Fridge

A series of Chef- Proven Performance Smart Dry Aging refrigerators and its companion app are designed to inspire creativity and encourage experimentation through high-quality interactive content, techniques, tools, and resources.

Environmentally Aware

We are a environmentally aware company and use recycled materials wherever we can and it enhances our product and our customer's enjoyment of our products. We use simple reinforced plain non bleached cardboard in our packaging, recycled wood for our pallets, recycled high quality anti microbial stainless steel, saving on corrosive materials, use highly energy efficient inverter compressors and the most non active pollutive butane in our products. 

About Steak Locker

Our small team features a bunch of different personalities, some are chefs, engineers, artists, some computer scientists and marketing professionals with one goal, every day working to improving and developing brilliantly innovative and useful culinary tools. We truly believe we understand what consumers might want in their new kitchens – the heart of every home. By constantly innovating and naturally, occassionally failing, we pledge to pursue major improvements at the intersection of lifestyle, culinary art and enjoyment.