Dry Age Beef At Home

Prior to Steak Locker’s entry into the market in 2013 via a successful Kickstarter Campaign the only options to dry age beef at home were to modify a dorm room fridge, go to an expensive steak house or pay up to $40 per pound at a fancy grocery store.  To modify a dorm room fridge can be time consuming, varying results and easily lead to incorrect temperature and humidity measurements which can quickly produce botulism. Then, to purchase already dry aged products can become quite expensive and reserved for special occasions.

Steak Locker realized there was a huge gap in the market to make dry aging beef at home more accessible. With Steak Locker’s line of products, the temperature and humidity measurements are easily monitored via the smart app available within the IOS app store and provides details on how to track inventory, enable notifications and have 24/7 monitoring.  So, if the Steak Locker is left unattended and a storm cuts off the power, the smart application will send an alert that there is an unsafe environment within the locker and the product needs to be moved to be saved from spoiling.  The smart application also contains an array of informational videos on how to dry age as well as helpful guides to calculate yield management, nutritional information and an HACCP plan with features designed by professional chefs. 

SteakLocker’s dry age beef at home

The three Steak Locker versions include the SL520 Pro Edition, the SL150 Home Edition and the SL100 Studio Edition.  The Pro Edition and the Home Edition lockers offer versatility with the ability to control different temperature and humidity variable combinations that are used for many applications like, beef, pork, fish, charcuterie, turkey, duck, and cheeses. And the Studio Edition is perfect for anyone interested in an introductory level of just dry aged beef.

With a Steak Locker, all levels of interest and experimentation can be easily accomplished and with practice of this new found hobby the creations and gifts to family and friends can become endless.

Dry age beef at home tips

Producing dry age beef at home has never been easier, not only have we created an effective line of products, we also regularly upload blog articles and recipes to give you tips and tricks to generating the best dry aged beef. Check out our delicious butter aged steak or whiskey aged steak recipe