Whiskey Aged Steak

Here at SteakLocker, we like to try, test and perfect a number of dry age recipes. Our latest project was a delicious whiskey aged steak. We have put together each step of the process so you can try this mouth-watering recipe for yourself.

Whiskey Aged Steak Equipment:

  • SteakLocker dry aging fridge
  • Cheese cloth
  • Sheet tray
  • Butchering knives

Whiskey Aged Steak Ingredients:

  • Bone-In-Ribeye Roast
  • 750ml bottle of whiskey

Whiskey Aged Steak Method

Step 1: 

For this project, we began the dry age process with a Bone-In Ribeye Roast for 45 days in the Steak Locker. We used two packs of new and previously unused cheesecloth to wrap the entire roast, covering all surfaces of the meat.  

Step 2: 

We placed the wrapped roast on a sheet tray that would also fit into the locker, then doused it with our whiskey of choice.  We chose a mid-priced selection and divided the 750-milliliter bottle into thirds, then allowed for the cheese cloth to absorb as much liquid on all sides.  We placed the roast on the wire shelf of the locker to allow for air to flow around it, then placed the sheet tray on the shelf underneath to catch any drippings that may subsequently fall.  After 15 days, we repeated the process of dousing the cheese cloth with another third of the bottle and again after 30 days. 

Step 3:

We butchered the roast into steaks and removed all of the pellicle.  The texture and tenderness of the beef was noticeably delicate because the cheese cloth allowed for much less moisture to be evaporated.  In the traditional dry age process, a piece of meat will lose approximately 30% of its mass as it dries out over time. Wrapping a piece in whisky-soaked cloth helps the meat retain some of that liquid, so the loss is only about 25%.  There was only a slight boozy flavor after cooking the steaks, but there was a notable sweetness to the beef and an increase in the umami notes.

Overview of Whiskey Aged Steak

We would definitely recommend experimenting with this process and would also encourage trying a larger cut for a long period of time. A long bone Tomahawk with the whole ribeye muscle which doesn't get much exercise, so it yields some of the tenderest meat and excellent marbling would do well aged with this process for 120 days. Have you got any recipe ideas to try in one of our dry aging fridges? Let us know via social media, we’d love to hear from you.