vacuum sealed dry aged steak

If you have ever found yourself considering dry aging steak at home, you have probably heard of the two most common methods- vacuum sealed dry aged steak and fridge dry aged steak. In this article we are going to discuss the difference in between the two processes and which is most effective to get a truly delicious dry aged steak

What is vacuum sealed dry aged steak?

Dry age bags work by trying to create a one-way air technology system through vacuum sealing the bag so the air escapes but doesn’t allow air back into the bag, this means that condensation can evaporate out, thus drying the steak. Once cooked the dry age bagged steaks had a softer, wetter and more separated muscle fibers whereas the Steak Locker steaks were more solid, but the texture was comparable. 


  • Cheaper
  • Takes up minimal space


  • Risk of spoilage
  • Labor intensive
  • Lack of consistency 

What is a dry age fridge steak?

Dry age fridges such as the Steak Locker works by aging the steak in a carefully climate controlled environment. The Steak Locker allows you to control the temperature and humidity levels to suit your type of meat. This means you get the best results and are able to truly tenderize the meat and enhance its natural flavors. 


  • More effective
  • Bigger capacity
  • Minimal risk of spoilage
  • Consistency


  • High initial investment

Overview of vacuum sealed dry aged steak vs dry age fridge steak

In conclusion, purchasing a dry age refrigerator like the Steak Locker is the ideal option if you want to buy steak of the high end restaurant quality. The Steak Locker's primary advantages include its unrivaled capacity to organically enhance the flavor and texture of meat as well as its decreased danger of spoilage due to integrated technology.

Dry aging bags, on the other hand, do have the advantage of being more reasonably priced, however, as with many items, you get what you pay for. It is crucial to keep in mind that dry aging bags have a size restriction and do not generate the same quality of dry aging as a dry aging fridge.

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