Summer Grilling Project

We wanted to share our current Summer Grilling Project. We purchased an 18LBS T-Bone Sub-Primal cut that consists of the Strip Steak on one side and the Tenderloin on the other side of the large chain of bones from the spine.

Because the Tenderloin is already the most tender and least amount of marbled meat, we placed the entire sup-primal within the Steak Locker and dry aged for 14 days, then cut the tenderloin out and placed the remaining back into the locker. Even though the 14 days seems like a very short amount of time, the flavors were definitely far more concentrated and brought the wonderfully umami notes.

With the Strip Steak still attached to the bones we placed it into the Steak Locker for an additional 30 days to have it aged to 45 days. Once competed, we used a boning knife and carefully run the length of the cut on both side of the T-Bone spinal bones and kept working both sides until we were able to free this large piece. Butchers would use a band saw to easily cut through these bones rather than around them with the boning knife. Once the large piece was removed, we removed the exterior pellicle in pieces then into about five (5) Boneless Strip Steaks.

As additional bonus, we rendered the fat from the pellicle pieces and from the fat cap to make the liquid gold also known as Beef Tallow. We’ll post more about what to do with the beef tallow in a later post. Another bonus was that we were able to remove enough smaller pieces from the bones to create four (4) burgers that were processed through a meat grinder.