Dry Aged Beef 101

What's the hype around Dry Aging? The process of dry aging literally evaporates the water from the meat, concentrating the flavors of the cut.

In a controlled environment, with specific temperatures and humidity settings, the outer layer of the beef begins to break down the connective tissue, yielding a more tender piece of meat. Science takes over from there.

Good things take time, and you can’t expedite or replicate the beautiful dance of enzymes that comes from this process of tenderizing beef.

Most steak sold in stores doesn’t get aged at all, or the market is guessing at the age. Steaks are typically aged at least 21 days, but we know that 45 days yields the perfect balance of tenderness and flavors.

This time can vary based on the cut, size, and intensity of beef flavor that you want. Most importantly, this time can vary depending on what process or equipment that you are dry aging in.

Dry Aged Beef Steak Locker Age Meat at Home Edition

The concentrated earthy and deep, buttery mushroomy flavors of a beautifully aged cut of beef will become your new standard. All the flavors that you THINK you are getting from the steaks you have been eating -you will now recognize are second fiddle to a dry aged steak.

Now that you know what distinguishes dry-aged beef from a standard steak, let’s talk about how you can create this world-class steak experience at home!   

The Steak Locker Home Edition SL150 gives you complete control over the aging process of your steaks and other cured meats.

Our intelligent connected appliances allow individuals and professionals to produce profitable, professional, and high quality Dry Aged products.

Our iOS companion app allows you to track your cuts over time, monitor current temperature and humidity in real time, and get notified to protect your investments. Use what the Chefs use and combine traditional craft and skills with modern connectivity – personalized to your taste and preference.

Steak Locker Home Edition

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