aging beef in refrigerator

Dry aging at home has never been easier, the Steak Locker allows anyone to dry age meat to a professional standard. The Locker combines traditional craft and skills with modern technology allowing you to monitor your dry aging produce to get the highest quality results. Discover our top tips for aging beef in refrigerator. 

Aging beef in refrigerator tips

  • Humidity level
  • For most cuts, use lower humidity like 65-70% for the first half of the process and higher humidity like 68-72% for the second half.

  • Prep
  • Ensure that the product going into the Steak Locker has been patted dry with paper towel and any hanging bits have been removed prior to the aging process.

  • Air
  • The forced fan air created inside the Steak Locker is key to forming the perfect pellicle on the sub-primal cut of beef. This is one of the reasons why using a standard fridge to dry age will not produce anywhere near the same quality of result as using a specially designed dry age fridge like Steak Locker.

  • UV light
  • The UV light is used to keep bacteria from replicating through the aging process. The door has a safety switch, if the door of the locker is opened, the UV light will automatically switch itself off to protect eyesight.

  • Carbon fiber filter
  • The Carbon Fiber Filler is useful within Steak Lockers dry age refrigerator to dissipate any odor within the interior space. Remove the carbon fiber container, uncap the top, remove the old carbon, and replace with the new.

  • Temperature and humidity
  • Temperature and Humidity Control allows the Steak Locker to maintain standard levels for many applications, like beef, charcuterie, and cheese. There are defrost cycles and the temperature and humidity will always fluctuate. If temperature stays between 34-41 degrees and humidity stays between 60-80% there is a safe dry aging environment. A fresh product in the locker will create more humidity than one that has been in there for more than two weeks.

  • Smart app
  • The Smart App offers Real-Time Monitoring of your Steak Lockers temperature and humidity in real time to know your investments are safe and secure.  Inventory Tracking for your items throughout the entire aging process with automatic reminders for when your aging cycle is due on that cut. A secure cloud-based server ensures you always have access to reliable data. Visual Reports allow you to see the progress of the dry-aging process with simple, visual reports that include yield management, inventory, nutritional info and HACCP plan features designed by professional chefs.

    Overview on aging beef in refrigerator

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