Steak Aging Fridge Buyers Guide

Buying the right steak aging fridge may seem overwhelming, after all, it's an investment that serves one main purpose, which is successfully aging beef to maximise its flavours and tenderness. The results of a dry age fridge are always going to improve the taste of your meat, but with a Smart aging fridge you achieve all the benefits whilst minimising any of the risks associated with dry aging. Our buyers guide aims to aid you in your decision of choosing a Steak Aging Fridge and talks you through the features that come with our Smart aging fridge range. 

Steaklocker is dedicated to making brilliantly innovative and useful products for both the residential cook or the professional chef. Steak Locker has produced a series of Smart dry age refrigerators to suit any kitchen design. We have integrated companion Smart applications designed to inspire creativity and encourage experimentation. The smart applications use high-quality interactive content, tools and resources.

What is smart steak aging?

Smart steak aging involves Steak Locker’s innovative world first  smart mobile application that allows you to track, monitor and control your valuable inventory in real time from anywhere. It provides extensive product information and will allow you to have full yield control with lower aging loss, ensuring maximum profitability. We are dedicated to making brilliantly innovative and useful products for both the residential cook and the professional chef.

Steak Locker, a series of Smart Dry Age Refrigerator appliances with their companion smart applications have been designed to inspire creativity and encourage experimentation through high-quality interactive content, techniques, tools, and resources.

Buyers guide to our Steak Aging Fridge:

Our intelligently connected appliances will allow you to produce a profitable, professional and high-quality Dry Aging Program. The following guide talks through everything you need to know about a Steak Aging Fridge. Discover all of the available features that come with our meat aging fridge range from the temperature settings to the smart application features. 

Temperature Range 

32°F - 72°F 

Ambient Temperature 

28°F - 100.4°F 


Food grade, adjustable chrome shelving 


Digital Control Panel 


Digital Hygrometer controller powered by SL Smart App 

Germicidal Light 

Iridium Bacterial Growth and UV Prevention Light 

Glass Door 

UV Tinted, Dual Pane 

Digital Invertor Compressor

High efficiency compressor technology saves up to 40% off annual energy costs

Chef Designed 

Designed by professional chefs to provide you maximum control of your Dry Aging Program. 

Visual Reports 

See the progress of the dry-aging process with simple, visual reports that include yield management, inventory, nutritional info and HACCP plan features designed by professional chefs. 

Multiple Lockers & Security

Our application allows multiple Steak Lockers with unlimited accounts providing intelligent alerts should problems arise. Fully NSF approved and carries the highest UL & ETL rating. 

Intelligent Sensors 

Designed with independent smart sensors that provide immediate feedback and safety notifications. 

Cloud Server 

Robust, secure cloud-based server ensures you always have access to reliable data.

Real-Time Monitoring 

Monitor your Steak Lockers temperature and humidity in real time to know your investments are safe and secure.

Inventory Tracking 

Track your items throughout the entire aging process with automatic reminders for when your aging cycle is due on that cut.


1 year on Parts & Labor including the compressor

Summary of our Steak Aging Fridge

The benefit of these features are that they are useful for more than just steak aging. They can also be effective for select Charcuterie, Curing, Cheese Aging and much more.

To experience the world’s first professional smart dry age fridges that combine traditional craft and skills with modern connectivity, head over to our product page and find out more.