Dry Aging Beef Refrigerator

The Steak Locker range of Dry Age Fridges are suitable for both home and commercial use. We’ve got a model for every home, restaurant, butcher shop or grocery store. Our dry aging beef refrigerator range has been meticulously designed by chefs and industry professionals. We’ve built the world’s first professional smart dry age fridge that combines traditional craft and skills with modern connectivity.

The result is a range of dry aging beef refrigerators that enables anyone to experience the taste of delicious dry aged beef in their own home. There is no need to purchase “prime” cuts to experience flavorsome restaurant-quality dry aged steak. With one of our products, you can craft dry aged beef dishes or select charcuterie in your own kitchen and save money. The stylish stainless steel design blends into any kitchen. The telescoping rails and UV resistant tempered glass door will blend in with any contemporary kitchen. The range doesn’t require a water connection. Steak Locker dry age fridges can even be used outdoors. 

Many Steak Locker customers are restaurateurs, butchers, and grocery store owners. The high-quality materials and robust construction mean that our range can effortlessly perform under the demands of a busy kitchen or high footfall store. Every Steak Locker Dry Age Fridge comes with an interactive downloadable smart application. This means you can control the temperature within the dry age cabinet of the dry age steaks from your smartphone, after connecting it to your wi-fi connection.

Dry Aging Beef Refrigerator- Studio edition

Steak Locker Studio Dry Age Refrigerator, our newest member to the Steak Locker family of dry age fridges. Its compact size fits practically any space, so start enjoying the art of dry aging at home along with all the features and benefits. Steak Locker Studio can safely hold 45 lbs. of your favorite premium cuts and deliver you savings of up to 75% of the standard dry aging cost at your local restaurant or butcher.

Dry Aging Beef Refrigerator- Home edition

Steak Locker Home Edition is the most versatile because it gives the option to dry age and process charcuterie or cheese by use of different settings for different projects and the capacity to have multiple lockers for multiple projects. Each Steak Locker Home Edition dry age fridge can hold about 60 lbs. of product.

Dry Aging Beef Refrigerator- Pro edition

Steak Locker Pro Edition is an affordable professional grade meat aging fridge for your dry aging program. Control your own profits. What do you get when you cook with precision sensors and more computing power than some laptops? More control, higher yield, and more predictable results than ever before. The Steak Locker Pro Edition has the highest capacity of about 350 lbs. for any Chef to create a masterful product.

All of our products come with a one-year warranty and have 30-day returns. Order your Dry Age Fridge today securely and get quick shipping across the United States.