Dry Aged Steak at home with Steak Locker

If you are fed up of having to spend a lot on shop bought dry aged steak, or going to an expensive steakhouse, look no further. You can find out how you can have dry aged steak at home with Steak Locker in this article.

Why Steak Locker?

Before Steak Locker’s breakthrough in 2013, dry aging meat could be a tedious task and time consuming. The discovery of the gap in the market for a dedicated dry aging fridge has allowed Steak Locker to curate and perfect the line of products. To modify a dorm room fridge can result in varying results and easily lead into incorrect temperature and humidity measurements which can quickly produce botulism. Then, to purchase already dry aged products can become quite expensive and reserved for special occasions.

The features of Steak Locker Dry Aging fridges:

Within Steak Locker’s product line, temperature and humidity measurements are monitored via the smart app available within the iOS app store and has other features such as how to track inventory, 24/7 monitoring and notifications. This is great if the Steak Locker is left unattended during an incident such as a storm cutting off power. The smart app will send notifications directly to alert that there is an unsafe environment within the Steak Locker and that the meat should be removed to avoid spoiling.

The Steak Locker smart app also contains informative videos on how to get the best dry aged steak at home with Steak Locker. It does this through helpful guides which calculate yield management, nutritional information and a HACCP plan which has features designed by professional chefs.

The Dry Age collection:

There are three Steak Locker versions available. The SL520 Pro Edition, the SL150 Home Edition and the SL100 Studio Edition. Both the Pro and Home Edition lockers offer the ability to control temperature and humidity combinations that can be used for many applications such as; beef, pork, fish, charcuterie, turkey, duck and cheese. The Studio Edition is perfect for anyone interested in an introductory level of just dry aged beef.

By choosing to make dry aged steak at home with Steak Locker, all levels of interest and experimentation's can be easily accomplished and with practice of this newfound hobby the creations and gifts to family and friends can become endless. Shop our collection of dry age fridges here and check out our Dry aged steak cooking tips here.