Best Dry Aging Fridge

If you are looking for the best dry aging fridge, you have come to the right place. Steak Locker have created a range of industry leading dry age fridges that come in three different sizes giving an option for all, whether you are a business or a hobbyist. 

Why is Steak Locker the best dry aging fridge?

Steak Locker have produced a dry aging solution for everyone, a specially designed smart dry age refrigerator that comes with a range of features that make dry aging accessible, easy and most importantly minimizes the risks of spoilage that are associated with dry aging.

The SL150 Steak Locker Home Edition:

This is the first and most popular in our line. With a temperature range of 32 – 72 degrees and a 65-pound capacity, the Steak Locker Home Edition has the ability to age everything from large sub-primal cuts of beef to fresh caught large fish and hard style cheeses are a breeze to master. But, because these projects can’t be processed at the same time due to different parameters required, it’s common to stack one Home Locker on top of another for extra versatility.

The SL520 Pro Edition:

The Steak Locker Pro Edition dry age fridge is designed to allow for the same outcomes from the Home Locker but the 350-pound capacity provides ample room for large quantities. This is the world’s first smart commercial Dry Aging Fridge developed for the professional Chef, Restaurateur, Butcher, Farmer, Artisan food supplier or passionate Enthusiast. It will be the centerpiece of any new profitable dry age steak program.

The SL100 Studio Edition:

We also have a Steak Locker studio which is designed to peak new interests in the dry aging experiences. It’s small enough to fit into any space while allowing to create small batch dry aging beef projects. The Studio can safely hold 45-pounds of your favorite premium cuts and deliver you savings of up to 75% of the standard dry aging cost at your local restaurant or butcher.

Overview of the best dry aging fridge

Steak Locker is dedicated to making brilliantly innovative and useful products for both the residential cook and the professional chef. Steak Locker, is the best Dry Aging fridge series you can find with its excellent companion Smart App. These fridges are designed to inspire creativity and encourage experimentation through high-quality interactive content, techniques, tools, and resources.

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