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How We Carve Dry-Aged Steaks

Cutting dry-aged beef into steaks is where the craft happens. The outermost parts of dry aged beef can be rendered down; but the majority of flavor and moisture has been concentrated in to the middle of the beef that's never seen open air. The butcher carefully whittles down the big cut of beef until all you see is red meat and the perfect amount of exterior fat. Then, it's sliced into steaks and further trimmed for total perfection.

Step 1: Ready to Trim

We suggest 60 days for a dry aged steak. Our Meat Aging Fridge Steak Lockers make the process incredibly easy, and give you complete control over the aging process using our iOS app and technology.

Step 2: Peel The Fat

This process should be relatively easy since the fat was already removed once during butchering. Start by peeling off the outer fat cap.

Step 3: Start Trimming

The goal will be to remove as little meat from underneath as possible... so work in thin pieces going deeper as you go. Stop as soon as the meat and fat look fresh. Use a clean kitchen towel to get a better grip if the meat is slippery.

Step 4: Keep Trimming!

Continue trimming the outer surfaces until only red meat and clean white fat show. Remove the dried-out layer on the cut surfaces too. Depending on how it was butchered, this step might take some fiddling around to get the meat off of the bones in that area.

Step 5: Ready to Roast!

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If you decide to carve the roast in to steaks, simply carefully slice through the meat following the space between the bones. The only difficult portion will be around the chine bone - which you'll need to trim around before cutting off and discarding. This will yield thick steaks, each ready to serve approx. two people.

Check out this great tutorial from Jess Pryles on cutting a 180-day (!) dry aged steak


The steak you'll eat is powerfully flavorful, incredibly tender, and deep red in color. It's rare to find steaks aged this long, and even more uncommon to be able to enjoy dry-aged steak at home. This is where Steak Locker comes in with our dry age fridge range!

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