Steak Locker for Grocery Stores

Differentiate your store

The food retail industry is being reshaped by competitive forces, demographic shifts and mega trends such as technology, convenience, speciality products, health & wellness and transparency. By establishing a prime dry age steak customer program, you will gain considerable uplift in return visits since your competitors may not have this program. Meat and especially prime quality product displayed in a modern artisanal Smart Steak Locker, allows your customers to view and viscerally connect with their latent desires for specialty products. Hyper local products are also a much higher margin seller. Your Steak Locker Smart Display will provide that environment and will stimulate the hyper local artisanal desires of your customer as. A crucial area for driving customer loyalty and competitive advantages is adequately addressing the latent desire for luxury and quality products.

Increase your “Ripple Effect Sales”

Overall, consumers lack the knowledge they need to make educated meat-buying decisions. According to the Food Marketing Institute’s 2018 The Power of Meat report, 83% of shoppers purchase only a handful of different kinds or cuts of meat, but 42% are open to branching out if provided with additional education. So, knowledge is power and apparently fosters loyalty and spending too. Consumers crave information and visual clues and displays, so give them what they need.

Delivering customer service the internet cannot.

Digital dominates as the top resource for meat preparation information. But 48 percent of shoppers would value a customer service associate in the meat case to offer tips/serving suggestions or to customize items. Shoppers are generally most interested in recipes with familiar cuts, but with the aid of a Steak Locker Display, curiosity and desire will intersect and a buying decision is imminent.

Fresh is Best – Easy cut and place back.

Preferences in both fresh and processed meat reached their highest points in 14 years. Shoppers are buying familiar brands, but new demographics highlight the need for newer types of specialty costs and product. The new main purchase drivers are better quality, value, consistency and transparency or provenance of product. With the Steak Locker Smart Display, your counter associate can cut every dry aged steak to the individual customer’s direction and then simply place the subprimal back into the display. No need to pre cut and hord in a low display case.

Transparency is driving dollars.

Consumers want to know about sourcing, raising, animal welfare, provenance and environmental practices. Consumers are noticing all-natural, organic, grass-fed, hormone-free and antibiotic-free claims on meat packages. Claim awareness has the highest positive impact on purchase likelihood for humanely-raised, hormone-free and antibiotic-free and it will be the most important sales tool for your Dry Age Program. The customer sees the dry aged product on display in its entirety and freshly cut. This experience will reassure the choice of specialty cuts popularity.