The Art Of Dry Aging Steaks


We are dedicated to making brilliant innovative new culinary products for both, the residential and professional chef. 

Our products will be encouraging a passion for great sustainable food from regional suppliers and have their merit in simplicity and quality. Steak Locker products will always be smart – delivering smarter tools for smarter consumers.

As professional Chefs, Engineers and Marketing professionals, we understand and know what consumers may want in their new kitchens - the heart of every home. We will constantly innovate, occassionally fail, but pledge to invent or develop maJor improvements near the intersection of lifetyle and culinary actions. We will help grow a strong lifetyle community in the giving and sharing ethos that identifies the modern cultural diversity.


Behind the Steer's Head

St. Louis native entrepreneur and culinary enthusiast Nadia Bruno is the driving force behind the company. She introduced the first series (Founders Edition) of Steak Locker's to the USA market in 2014. Nadia's rough concept of bringing a professional dry aging fridge to the residential home was driven by the fact that she saw the high quality steak houses having to largely build their own Aging Rooms. She started working with a team of engineers, designers, software developers and professional Chefs to create the first working prototype in early 2012.

Today Steak Locker is driven by an accomplished culinary and technical team with patented technology and high quality production. Steak Lockers are manufactured in Southern China near Hong Kong and the patented wifi technology and all tech design and development takes place in sunny San Diego, California. 



Happy Grilling - Nadia and the team........