Be sure to download our user manual and mobile application.

  • Steak Locker mobile for iPhone – Download
  • Steak Locker SL150 User Manual – Download
  • Steak Locker 520 User Manual – Download

Lets get started

After you created your account and selected either the SL150 or SL520 you’ll see this screen which will ask you to connect to our Steak Locker WiFi that is being broadcast from your controller located inside your unit. Go and had tap Connect at the bottom of the screen and locate the network called “Steak Locker” in your iOS network settings.

Tap on the network that says “Steak Locker” and wait for the blue check mark to confirm that you are connected. Once connected tap the top left text that reads “Back to Steak Locker”

Now that we are connected to your Steak Locker let’s enter your home networks name and password. It’s important that you enter the correct capitalization for both the username and password, so be sure to double check that. Once your ready go ahead and tap the “Finish” button on the bottom.

This next step can take a minute or two for your Steak Locker to get setup. Once complete you’ll be redirected to your dashboard.